• Our Recreation Therapists work collaboratively with health service and medical teams, public and private agencies, insurance companies, family members and the community at large to ensure holistic goal achievement.
  • Our services are delivered "on site" and offered in clinical, residential and community settings. Clinical services include leisure education, assessment and planning, program design, implementation and evaluation.
  • Assessment services are available throughout the Province of Alberta stretching across Canada as requested.
  • Our team is experienced in assessment services within the legal community and include litigation, cost of future health care and comparative analysis.
  • Public, private, family and employee training and workshops are designed and delivered to meet specific outcomes and needs.
  • Our services are determined by individual assessment, group needs and program duration. Each proposal will reflect unique cost and design.

Therapeutic Recreation assists individuals to find meaning and purpose in the development and maintenance of a healthy leisure and community lifestyle.

Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation Include:

  • Improved social skills, time management and life planning skills, self-esteem and leisure awareness. Fine and gross motor development.
  • Regular access to community resources and community involvement. Leisure direction, barrier reduction/management, increased safety, greater quality of life and wellness.
  • Diversified Leisure Services provides opportunities for children, adults and seniors.